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On the issues

Learn more about why Rob Wisler and Katie Lewis are the right candidates

for Lower Frederick Township Supervisor!

Rob on the issues

As your Supervisor, Rob's focus will be:

  • Review recently approved ordinances that hinder your property rights.

  • Have a more friendly and team-first attitude for Lower Frederick employees. This makes Lower Frederick more professional, simpler, and a more contented place to live, work and do business.

  • Manage our taxpayers’ funds and costs more effectively.

Katie on the issues

As your Supervisor, Katie's focus will be:

  • Passing ordinances that complement and help residents to live better in the Township.

  • Easing the financial burden on residents by supporting and growing our local businesses.

  • Having a friendlier attitude at Township meetings by being respectful of residents’ concerns.

Image by Helena Lopes
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